Gerhard Ammann, Chairman 1)

Gerhard Ammann is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bank von Roll AG. Previously he was CEO of Deloitte AG, Zurich. Mr. Ammann has spent more than 30 successful years in the field of bank and financial auditing. He is a qualified auditor and holds a number of directorships in companies in Switzerland and abroad.

August François von Finck, Deputy Chairman

August François von Finck has been in business for more than 20 years and holds a number of directorships and supervisory mandates in Switzerland and Germany. He maintains a majority shareholding in Bank von Roll, Zurich and has a seat on the boards of SGS S.A., Geneva and von Roll Holding AG, Breitenbach.

Dr. Max C. Roesle 1)

Dr. Max C. Roesle is a member of the Board of Directors of Bank von Roll AG and he is a partner in the Roesle Frick & Partner law firm. He was previously a director of CS Holding and has practical experience in banking. He advises a number of domestic and foreign banks. In addition, he is a member of the board of directors of various companies in the banking and finance sectors. He also advises and represents internationally operating companies and high net worth private individuals.

1) independent according to FINMA Circular 17/1