As an institutional investor, you are responsible for exercising utmost care and judgement in your management of the assets entrusted to you, and avoid unstructured risks. Your investment strategy must provide a high degree of security while generating predictable, sustained and stable revenue.

A number of Swiss companies are already placing their trust in the expertise of our teams of specialists. We would be pleased to provide you with structuring suggestions on a non-binding basis.

Wealth management

We offer institutional clients a blend of BVG-compliant asset management mandates. Our reporting comprises detailed analyses both on a relative and absolute basis. Taking into account risk parameters, we invest in accordance with active and semi-active core/satellite investment concepts in a basket of specially selected passive and active sub-funds.

Trust comes from positive experiences

Bank von Roll attends to the requirements of asset managers on an individual and comprehensive basis in a spirit of partnership with no unnecessary bureaucracy, red tape or fuss. We assume the role of a custodian on your behalf and ensure the smooth processing of transactions. As well as handling the daily business, our team is at your service when it comes to issues of investment and regulatory questions in connection with your high-quality management of clients.